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Gluten Free Christmas Recipes

Okay, so I have been asked by several to share my source for my gluten-free sugar cookies. Y’all they came out SO good. I am super excited about how well they turned out and that they taste incredible. This helps me on this new journey feel like maybe we can actually survive it and still […]

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Gluten Free: Have I Lost My Mind Or Am I Finding It?

So I have been attempting to go gluten-free. Oy! Why do I do this? Call it obsessive compulsive disorder, but the truth is, I read books. In turn, I believe these books to be true. And then I diagnose myself and everyone else around me. Nothing but the truth from me y’all. Ugh! I know. You […]

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[…] baked goods along the way that have only aided in my questioning of whether or not I’ve gone out of my mind or not. So this is a success to celebrate. […]

When Fear Trumps Love Real People Get Hurt

I have been struggling lately with the idea of church. This is a new thing for me. After all, I grew up an integral part of the church, where Sunday mornings and evenings were a normal occurrence. And most Wednesday night services were just a part of our week. And yet, I now find myself unable to walk into a […]

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[…] it is very hard to truly love another as I love myself. While it is easy for me to say I am one who loves others, despite their differences, it is much more difficult to live out those words – and take […]