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Part 1: Stop Blaming Yourself! {The Truth About Satan’s Lies and Our Parenting}

A few weeks ago I was reading through the Bible. As I read through the scriptures pointing to the enemy’s deception and lies I remember saying to myself, “See that’s what I don’t want whispered to my kids and that’s why I need to be with them all the time, so they know the truth.”

I didn’t think much about my thought process at the time. After all, I’ve lived with these sentiments for years – that if I do it perfectly, then somehow they’ll be saved from that which I wasn’t. Needless to say, I’ve spent many years under this heavy blanket of oppression. Believing falsely that somehow I have control and yet, I don’t.

Later that day, out for a run, God began a conversation with me that looked something like this and opened my eyes significantly to the truth.

God: “Rana, look at the story of Adam and Eve.”

Me: “Okay.”

God: “Do you see that snake? The one that deceived Eve?”

Me: “Yes, I see him.”

God: “Did I parent my kids perfectly?”

Me: “Well, you’re God. You do everything perfectly! Of course you did, God.”

God: “Did the snake still whisper a lie to my daughter?”

Me: “Whoa! He did! So, you mean, even if I could do it perfectly, the enemy would still whisper his lies to my kids?”

God: “Now you are seeing the truth. Don’t hold yourself accountable. It’s not yours to take. Satan is the one to blame. Don’t let him deceive you and don’t live under that oppression.”

This conversation was the beginning of freedom for me. For I saw in it, for the first time, that the enemy has been deceiving me for years causing me to live in bondage.

The truth however is this: Even if I did it perfectly, the enemy would still be there churning up the waters of the hearts of man because he is set against us.

The good news is this:

God is set against Satan and with Jesus Christ living inside of us, the enemy is defeated. The lies will be seen for what they are and the truth will be made known. As moms, the best thing we can do for our kids is submit to Christ. For when this happens we know He reigns and is victorious over Satan. We can then rest knowing that Jesus is alive and moving. And therefore know that Satan and his deceiving ways are being crushed, and our children are benefiting from the life-giving source of Christ Himself.

What are you blaming yourself for today? Don’t be deceived! Give it to God and trust His Word. The truth is right in front of us!







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