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Overcoming Fear Through Art

As I continue my exploration into mixed media art, I find myself creating with a level of freedom that I could have never done before (as a perfectionist), for the art coming forth is very organic in nature and I must admit, I’m LOVING it. Though, I’m aware it will not strike everyone’s fancy, I’ve come to realize it doesn’t need to. For it will speak to those who need it. The journey is teaching me truths that I’ve been learning through counseling, but am now putting into practice through art – the biggest being that of fear. Surprise. Surprise.

At the end of last week, I started a piece. I went the “safe” route. I drew it out, began creating a background, painted the piece and so on only to look at the final design with disgust. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t the kind of art that I wanted to make or that “spoke” to me. It was too safe. So, over the weekend, I started again. Recognizing that, because of my fear of messing up the piece, I hadn’t put myself into it, I decided to let go and in doing so, I found freedom. I found me. I found the art that was waiting to come out.


I think for me this piece is a reminder to have the kind of faith that children seem to naturally possess. The faith that says, I’m not going to control my destiny, I’m simply going to walk forward in faith and believe the best despite the “what if’s,” that lay ahead. For if this life is anything like this work, then something beautiful can emerge in having faith in the journey.

Where are you? Do you take the safe route? What if something more beautiful is ahead, but it means letting go and going beyond that which feels safe? What would your “work of art” look like if you were to let go? I challenge you to think about this. Fear is not from God and it only does one thing – stops us! It stops us from enjoying that which we have in front of us today and steals so much of our lives away from us. I know, because it has stolen so much from me. I, however, am daily (heck hourly) giving it to God, believing the best, and moving forward – one day at a time – in faith.

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