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A Sick-Day and Snow-Day Box For Kids

I’ve recently been telling myself that I need to get my “snow-day” box ready for when the winter weather decides to show up. Though I have yet to put it together, I realized over the weekend that this activity box – filled with arts and crafts, movies, books, puzzles, snacks, and just fun tid-bits – can actually serve multiple unexpected events. Over the weekend, it just happened to be a great distraction to one sick little girl.

Though we haven’t had too many sick days this school  year, it always seems to hit on the worst days. For my daughter, it unfortunately hit during the weekend of Halloween and our youngest daughter’s final weekend playing soccer. So, since our trick-or-treating was cut short, we decided it was best for me to stay home with my oldest on Saturday morning. While home, my oldest spied the “snow-day” box and asked if we could get it down since she was sick (I keep it put away so as to make sure the activities stay new and interesting for these unexpected days). I, of course, thought sure why not? After all, she was not feeling well and it was a way that I could sit with her and enjoy some time with her, just the two of us.

As we sat and colored the whole morning together and worked with sticker puzzles and such, I realized our activity box needed to be ready for any unexpected days. So, since it’s that time of year when germs and snow start to fly, I guess I’ll be heading out and grabbing up some inexpensive, yet fun things, for the girls so that our box stays full and ready!

Do you have an activity bin ready for those non-planned days that occur with your kids? If not, I highly recommend one. They are fun, and the kids really enjoy them and (what I love about them) is they serve as a way I can intentionally love on my kids!

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