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Live for the Journey Not The Race

Last weekend my family and I chose to do something crazy fun! We signed up for the Glorun. A 3.1 mile race in the dark.

Let me set the scene for the race.

My husband, knowing this was an event I have been wanting to do with our kids, calls me Friday afternoon saying, “Hey! There’s a Glorun tonight. You in?” I hesitantly respond, wondering if we can actually pull it all off, and then say, “Let’s do it!”

Now, if you are familiar with this run, you know that the silly ones (us!) get all done up in glow gear. So, before heading to the run, a trip to Party City was a necessity. While there, we bought glow-in-the-dark socks, tutus, bracelets, necklaces, bowties, suspenders and a whole lot more. See!

Nashville GloRun

GloRun A Family’s Race Adventure

Glorun bound. Who can resist a man in neon!

Glorun race bound.

My little and myself ready for the glorun!

My little one glows as we prepare for the glorun race!

Our family adventure to the glorun!

Our race night outfits. We’re glooooowing! :)

Shopping, dressing up and dancing to the music upon arrival were the perfect ingredients for a night full of memories with these crazy hooligans.

Unfortunately this is where our fun ran out on race night.

Just as we were lining up to begin the race straight-line winds blew into the city. The pop-up tents surrounding the stadium’s parking lot began to fall and chaos began. Many ran for cover under a nearby bridge. The girls and I positioned ourselves between two food trucks, so as to not get hit by any of the flying debris, and my husband began helping those trying to hold their tents down. Eventually we ran to our car for shelter from the incoming rain. Here we sat waiting for the storm to pass.

Unfortunately, an hour and a half later, we made the hard decision to leave the venue without running the race. Those hosting the race had made the decision – for safety’s sake – to not run the race until 11:30 P.M. due of the extensive lightening occurring throughout the night sky. We were tired and our girls were ready to go home. So we did. But at this point, it did not matter. For the memories made along the way are what brought about the life and fun of the event.

And It Reminded Me of an Important Truth.

Sometimes I focus so much on where I want to go in this life, that I forget about living in the moment. I tend to struggle with the belief that my arrival to a certain place in life will somehow transform everything and usher in the life that I seek.  But, this is not the case. This, I have come to know, is a lie. For life is something that occurs every moment along the way. Maybe my dreams will come to be and maybe they won’t. But to live only for those dreams is to miss the here and now of what I have today.

What about you?

Are you focusing on the race or enjoying the journey? Where is your focus? Do you feel as though your life is being lived or being sucked from within? Often times, these can be telling of where our focus is. For I have come to see that when my focus is on the end goal, I live trying to figure out how I’m going to make it all happen instead of focusing on the life going on around me. In these moments, I have come to see that my focus in no longer on the One who gives life. For when my focus is on the end goal, my God is replaced by my god. And in this place, the life I seek and the life I believe is promised is the life that is taken from me. In the end living for the journey is actually what brings us life. If the race occurs great! But if it doesn’t you will have lived a good and full life.

Till next time,

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