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Changing America Starts With Us!

I have spent the last couple of weeks following both the Republican and Democratic Conventions. I have come to the decision, at this point, that either choice is a difficult one for changing America.  And so I have done some soul-searching and thought I would share that which I believe to be true for real change to occur in America.

Changing America Starts With Us

Changing America Begins With My Choices

One: I must learn to live by faith. Living by – and making decisions from – fear steals life.

Two: I must flee the shame that rules my life. Not taking responsibility for my own actions, opens the door for others whom I care about to take that responsibility.

Three: I must trust God and not lean on my own understanding. Not asking for help, is to allow my pride to play the role of God.

If I desire to change the future of America, it is up to me to take action the one way I can and in the way that I have control.

My control in Changing America starts and ends with the decisions I make.

I cannot change others. However, others can learn a new way when I seek to follow a new path. The example Christ has set for me is one that is filled with life, liberty, and freedom. The question is will I choose to follow Him?

While I live in a world where fear, shame, and pride attempt to gain mastery over my life, I know that it does not have to be this way. I do not have to remain a slave to these drivers in the society with which I live. I can instead make the decision to change my master.  And in doing so, not only change the outcome of my life, but the lives of those who will one day lead the next generation.

Changing America Begins When I Flee Fear, Shame and Pridefulness.

As I watch the two options I have before me to lead our country, I see that I have two choices. I can vote for fear or I can vote for shame. Let me elaborate. If I vote for the one who paints a wonderful picture of herself and her deeds and yet lives a completely different private life without owning up to her wrong-doings, I am choosing shame. If I vote for one who bases his decisions on how individuals look and whether he deems them worthy or not, I am choosing fear. Needless to say, neither are a choice for changing America. For real change and freedom for myself – and the future generation I am leading – will only come when I choose to live a life free of fear, shame, and pridefulness.

I, half-jokingly, enquired of my husband recently what if I write-in Jesus for President. I know, He isn’t a being that is here and that we can touch and see and is therefore void of an option to physically lead our country. But, I was asking because I desire to share what I have found to be true.

Jesus is a mighty force with which to reckon when it comes to change.

He is not afraid, does not hide in shame, and is quick to ask His father for help when in need. He is One who speaks the truth in love. He stands up for those who are weak and He loves those who are hurting, ‘diseased,’ and not deemed worthy by way of the world I live in. He does not leave me when the going gets tough. He has not forsaken me and does not belittle me either. He instead lifts me up, encourages me to try again, asks me to work hard and gives me grace when I fall.

Unfortunately, I don’t have this luxurious guarantee with those desiring to lead the country in which I live. Thus I will not be choosing Hilary or Donald for the freedom I seek for myself or my kids. I will instead choose Christ to lead me out of the desert in which I live. And in doing so will believe the generation that follows will change America.

This is Where We Have The Control To Change America.

As a parent, I actually have more power than any governing party and/or system will ever have over my kids. Now I realize that the leader we choose could royally screw up America, but I will still choose to believe that God is in control.

And that my power to change the world I live in starts at home.

I, as a mother, have to learn to take ownership for my wrong-doings. If I do not, the sins I am responsible for – be them a product of fear, shame, or pridefullness – will lead my life and, in turn, will be given to my children. If I desire, instead, for my kids to stand up for those things they have done, I must first take ownership. I must lead the way and be the example I want them to follow.

How do I do this in a world of judgmental glances and finger pointing “perfect” people? I do it, by laying down my pride and seeking help. I realize, too, that though it may take years to work through my wrongs and the wrongs that have been done to me, that doing so brings life to those I love.

Is it hard? Yes! Is it scary? Extremely! But, do I want my children to learn to do the same and to stop the “he did, she did, they did” blame-game that currently dominates the nation I live in? Yes, I do.

And So I Will Change America By Changing Me.

I will lay down my pride, push aside my fears, and bring to light the parts of me that want to hide. I will choose to live by faith and as a result learn grace. I will choose my children and their lives above my own and thus follow the recipe Christ set forth for me. And in doing so I will pass the keys of life, liberty, and freedom on to them.

We all have this choice. The question is will you, too, choose this path?

Till next time,

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