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Brain Essential Foods: Protecting The Control Center of Our Body

Today we live in a world that is abundant with ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and a multitude of brain-related diseases. The good news, however, is it doesn’t have to be this way. There is plenty I believe we can do to change the tides.

The question isn’t can we protect the brain. The question is will we take the necessary steps?

Between raising a daughter who is daily recovering from brain damage, enduring anxiety from a young age, and experiencing severe depression later in life, my whole world is characterized by the brain and the powerful effects it plays in our day-to-day lives.

The reality is the brain controls everything!

It is the control center of our body’s most important functions. The pathways throughout the brain will either shut down or open up depending on what we are doing to give it life. These pathways, control our nervous systems, the digestive system, our emotions, vision, muscular systems and so much more. It has the ability to open up the gate of life to an individual or shut it down completely. I have seen it do both. Protecting the brain for ourselves and our family members is essential to experiencing a full life.

Unfortunately, often times, we don’t recognize the damage to one’s brain until it is too late.

The human brain, unlike our stomachs, hearts, teeth, muscles, etc., doesn’t say “hey, something is not right here.” Unless, of course, you are one who suffers or has suffered from seizures (which I have), or migraines, etc. So, where the rest of our body tells us something isn’t quite okay here, our brains can often suffer the consequences before we even know anything is happening.

So how do we protect this essential organ over time?

For me and my family, it is about taking the necessary steps every single day that will serve to benefit us – whether we see immediate changes or not. It’s doing the thing and having the power. While we have experienced times where the journey has taken a awhile to visually see the results, I will say our food journey changes are already showing promising benefits. Because of what I am seeing initially, I can only imagine what the compounding effect will be as we continue on the journey.

Feeding the brain!

The foods my family are now receiving are mostly all organic. In addition I am moving us toward a gluten free, grass fed and antibiotic-free cow and chicken diet. In addition to these changes we are drastically reducing our intake of carbohydrates. Cereals, breads, pastas, have gone by the way side because of what I visually saw them do to my youngest on a recent trip out of state. We are implementing this regimine for breakfast, dinner, snacks (and lunch on the weekends). I am still working my way up to school lunches, as I simply haven’t jumped on board this train just yet. Baby steps right? The only downside I’m seeing to these changes are the amount of dishes I am now doing, as there is a lot of preparation and work that goes into doing this. And while there is a price difference too, I was quickly swayed toward this lifestyle upon reading this verse.

Additionally I am boosting our diets with these brain essential food and supplements! Brain Food

In the above image you’ll see the following: Chia seeds, Flax Seed, and Coconut Oil. In addition I use the following by doTerra Essential Oils. IQ Fish Oil, A to Z vitamins (for kids), xEO Mega (for adults), DDR PRIME (a cellular complex blend that helps protect cells from free radicals) Frankincense Essential Oil, and InTune (a blend of essential oils that help support the brain and aides in one’s focus).

It’s super important that I note here that not all essential oils are created equally and the same goes for fish oil. Some fish oils have a high level of mercury in them which means they are harming your body instead of what you are trying to do, which is help it. As for the essential oils, it is similar to that of our processed foods. Many, not sold by reputable companies are being tested and found to contain synthetic materials and solvents. This is causing unknown ingredients to go into our systems and also reducing the efficacy of the oils. In the long run more harm than good is done to ones system. I have chosen doTerra as my company of choice because of the rigorous testing they do with their oils and because I know these oils are harvested from their natural growing environments and the farmers are in turn given fair trade value for their hard work. It is necessary to know these facts which choosing essential oils. 

Each of these items can stand on its own. But when we combine them, we give our kids (and ourselves) a chance to stave off damaged cells and provide protection to healthy cells. In addition, by supporting our brains with the needed healthy fats and supplementing our dietary deficiencies, we are giving ourselves each an opportunity to perform at our optimal level.

The more research being done the more they are connecting a lack of Omega 3 essential fats and a lack of good cholesterol – in our diets – to Anxiety, Depression, Dimensia, ADHD, and so forth. In addition to helping our brain, the diets found high in the Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids are shown to reduce inflamation in the body as well. This is huge when we recognize the fact that we are living in a day and age where inflammation related health issues are a major disruptor in so many lives. Those living with heart disease, asthma, autoimmune diseases and Type-2 diabetes are all suffering from a common core – inflammation. Unfortunately, our mainstream diets consisting of high-carbs and low-fat and low cholesterol are contributing to these disease states. Something does not match up here.

While this is rough news to receive, the upside is realizing we have the power to do something.

We don’t have to continue to lean on symptom controlling medications – once something comes up! Instead, we can take the steps necessary beforehand to protect our brains (and bodies) right now.

Because our bodies are bombarded on a daily basis from the environment around us making sure I am supplementing and body and the brain with the best overall nutrition possible in a necessary task for me to take on. Yes, it takes work and action on my part to do this. But if I desire to do what I can to ward off heartbreak down the road, then I will do my part. I know I can’t guarantee that I won’t suffer in my health or that some other tragedy won’t come my way, but I can do my best to control what I can control. And this is one area I can control.

Would you like to join me on this journey? Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Pinterest and lets regain this glorious and very powerful organ back!

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