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Move Over Negative Voices

I think often times the most difficult thing about moving forward is getting past the negative voices inside my head. I hear them from time to time. They are anything but kind. For instance they will ask me questions like, “Why do you blog?” And then quickly respond, saying, “No one reads them anyways.” This is only one instance of what they say to me. There are many more, but so as to not bore you, we’ll stop there.

I usually nod, unconcerned by the familiar negative voices, and go about my day. After all, they have been a part of my head for the majority of my life so I am pretty comfortable listening to their pleas for me to just give up.  Eventually my conscience catches up to the game they are so good at playing. But by this time, I have already began to believe them to be the true.

move over negative voices

Maybe this is why we, as Christians, are encouraged to speak the Word of God out loud. It is not a practice in which I regularly participate. And yet maybe if I were to do so, my brain would believe those words and phrases over the automatic recordings that now rotate.

It’s a struggle. If I am honest there are many days the negative voices win. They get there way. I sit. I ponder. And here wonder, indeed what is the point?

I was recently cleaning my kitchen. It was a mess! With all the cooking I do, it is often this way. This particular day, I did not want to clean it up.  And yet, I knew I would feel better if I just did it. And so, reluctantly, I did. As I did the work it dawned on me that this is why I have to move forward even when I am not feeling it. Because you see, what happened that day in my kitchen is, dish-by-dish, progress was made.

Had I chosen to listen to the voice, that told me not to do the work, nothing would have changed. The dishes would have remained in the sink and the kitchen would have stayed a mess. And, truth be told, I would have felt miserable. However, in moving forward, despite my feelings of not wanting to, something did happen. The kitchen got clean.

And so I continue going in the direction(s) I have chosen to go with my life. I continue to blog, hoping that along the way I am helpful to others. I continue providing healthy solutions for my family and making choices for myself that are for my own good. And I continue, one day at a time, to take the necessary steps to see my goals through. I do not know what the outcome of such daily habits will come to be. But, I do know that listening to the lies, never got me anywhere.

And so daily I will choose to do what is hard and push aside the negative and believe what is true – that in moving forward I too will see progress one decision at a time.

Do you struggle with these mental barriers as well? How do you work through them? Or do you? I’d love to hear from you…so that I know you do read my blogs! 🙂 ha!

Till next time,





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