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Gluten Free Christmas Recipes

Okay, so I have been asked by several to share my source for my gluten-free sugar cookies. Y’all they came out SO good. I am super excited about how well they turned out and that they taste incredible. This helps me on this new journey feel like maybe we can actually survive it and still enjoy some goodness along the way. After all, I’ve had some not-so-good baked goods along the way that have only aided in my questioning of whether or not I’ve gone out of my mind or not. So this is a success to celebrate. Ha!


Along with the sugar cookies (shown above!), I thought I would share all the other gluten-free Christmas recipes we have made so far in preparation for the holidays. As you can see I have made a few over the last month. I have been able to freeze all of these. To thaw, I simply set them on a plate. This is going to be my life saver – for myself and the kids – when we head out of town to celebrate with friends and family.

All in all, I was able to get by with only using 3 (of the 101 million flours) flours. Okay, I might be slightly exaggerating. 🙂 At any rate, the pecan pie bars, which do not need any of the flour, are simply amazing. But I’ll warn you, the natural sugar count is high. Therefore, you’ll want to make them to share. If not, you and your kids will likely be bouncing off the walls. But they are sooooo good. 🙂  Here are the three flours you’ll need for the remaining recipes:

Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 Gluten Free Baking Flour

Bob Mills 1 to 1 Gluten Free Baking Flour

Bob’s Red Mill Almond FlourBob Mills Almond FlourBob’s Red Mill Coconut FlourBob Mills Coconut Flour

You might even be able to get away with just using the all-purpose gluten-free flour for both recipes. However, because I am SUPER new to this gluten-free journey, don’t quote me on that. I’m not sure just yet if there is a difference or not. For those who do know, feel free to educate me.

Okay, here are the sources for the gluten-free Christmas recipes we made.

The Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies recipe came from Meaningfuleats.com – the only thing I did differently is she suggested using white sugar. Since I do not have that on hand and only had natural cane sugar, I stuck with it and everything turned out okay. The dough – when made – appears as though it will be too mushy. However, once I stuck it in the refrigerator over night it firmed up well! I cut the ball of dough in half and only worked with one section at time. This way I could leave the rest in the fridge while we were making our cut-outs.

The Gluten-Free Banana Bread recipe came from here Gimmedelicous.com – and let me tell you the moistness of this recipe is amazing. The biggest take away I learned on these, was to let the bread cool 100% before slicing into it. It slices a lot cleaner this way. I sliced my whole loaf. Wrapped each individual piece in saran wrap and then put them in gallon-size zip-lock freezer bag. I also chose to use cacoa nibs instead of chocolate chips. YUM!

And Lastly the Paleo Pecan Pie Bars are from here Deliciousmeetshealthy.com – I promise you’ll be delighted.

Well, I think that is all for this go around. If you have any questions, reach out to me here or on Facebook here.

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