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Toxins: Waging War In The Fight For Your Health

I finally jumped aboard doTERRA’s cleanse and restore wagon. So, I thought I would take a moment to share why it is important for us to do such a protocol once a quarter. I, for one, didn’t quite understand the importance of it until I began reading more about how our bodies are inundated by toxins. In doing this, I began to see just what this means for one’s body. Though I am not a medical doctor, my research in this area is one I feel confident enough to share from a layman’s standpoint.

I believe this information will allow others to understand the importance of taking a stance against toxins.

Reducing Toxins In Our Daily Life

On my journey toward a more holistic way of living, I have come to realize that we come in contact with toxins daily. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the products that come in contact with our hair, face and bodies. They and in our dish and laundry detergents among other daily cleaning products. Not to mention sprayed on the fruits and veggies we purchase and then consume. In addition to these, then, are of course the antibiotic laden animals which we eat.

Needless to say they are waging a war against us and currently winning.

So what are these toxins?

Well, in short they are the substances we come in contact with that overtime poisons our system. Though we are designed with an incredible ability to naturally rid our bodies of these toxins, what we are learning is that over time our bodies are not capable of handling the toxic-load it is given. Our liver, lungs, and skin (the systems which help flush the toxins) are no longer able to completely rid the body of these excrements. In turn the toxins begin to break down the cells within our bodies. At this point, we become ill and seek help. While some may find the relief they need at this point through medication and medical intervention, many find themselves on a merry-go-round of sorts.  A cyclical rotation where true wellness never becomes the norm.

So how can we take action against toxins?

The short answer is, we must become pro-active when fighting this battle. We must begin the process of eliminating that which we can, where we can (in the products we use). In doing so our bodies may well be given the chance to fight and recover when it truly needs to rebuild.

I have learned over time that there are a multitude of ways we can help reduce the toxic load. Me, being the “do everything at once!” kind of person, sort of went crazy for awhile. However, unless you’re like me, I recommend doing this over time and taking it in stride.  Otherwise, I think you risk becoming overwhelmed and eventually quitting. This is something we want to do for the long-haul. It is a life-style change, not just the short term fix.

Because I am an Essential Oil Advocate, much of my journey stems from this vantage point. While essential oils can help in the fight to reduce one’s toxic-load, there are many other things to take into account. The reality – when looking to reduce our toxic intake – is that we must look across the board at anything and everything that we come in contact with.

Some of these things we can control. And that is where we want to focus our attention.

For example, it is important to consider the chemicals found in the variety of products on the market today such as toothpastes, deodorants, laundry detergents, make-up, sunscreen, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, spa products, hand soaps, and cleaning supplies, not to mention, the non-stick teflon-covered pots and pans we employ to cook our food.

Then of course there are the foods we eat.

Here it is important to ask questions and read labels. Questions we may ask include, are the bulk of my foods made with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and other un-natural derivitiatives? Or are the beef, chicken, and pork I’m eating raised without the use of antibiotics and are they 100% natural. Asking these questions, along with making sure we are staying on top of how our fruits and vegetables are being grown (are they sprayed with chemicals or grown organically), all contribute to one’s toxic-load. Overwhelming hu?

And yet, reducing the toxic load is something we must seek to do. The health and wellbeing of ourselves and our children depend on it.

Though I cannot guarantee the health and wellness for myself or my family 100% of the time, I do have the ability to make decisions and inform myself with that which is good and/or could be detrimental. In the end, my hope is that the outcome will be one that will prove worthy of taking such bold steps of faith.

Where are you on your journey? Are you still traveling with mainstream traffic or do you find yourself taking the back roads? If still on the main highway, I’m curious, what keeps you from venturing out?

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