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Freedom Is A Choice Not A Privilege

I’m a grumbler.

I didn’t realize it before it hit me square in the face today. Out riding, this overcast Friday morning with a friend, we found ourselves climbing over 1200 feet of hills. In this time, I found myself reflecting on past rides and recognizing how far I have come in just a years time. For in the past, my cycling days were anything but glorious outings. In fact my rides were laced with an attitude so sour that anyone near me would feel the unpleasant side-effects.

freedom is a choice

Riding today, I saw how my goals in life mirror the climbing of these hills.

My favorite part of these rides, is getting to the top of the hill so I can fly down it at 40 mph and enjoy the thrill that comes from making those difficult climbs. But, in life, I seem to believe that all the fun should just come to me. The idea of working for those things and then waiting patiently for the outcome is difficult. Whether I am working to live a healthy lifestyle, build a business, or be a better mom and wife I find myself desiring – yet struggling – to put in the work necessary. Seeing the correlation today between those hills and my attitude toward life left me eating my slice of humble pie.

I found myself reflecting on the Israelites. The group of people in the Bible, to whom God was wanting to serve sweet milk, honey and a life of freedom. But instead, because of their grumbling and decisions to not follow His ways, manna, water and a dessert landscape is what laid before them.

Needless to say, I still find myself living in the desert, unable to taste the sweetness of freedom.

Daily, I take my portion of bread and water hoping it will all turn around one day. My exhausted self wants milk, honey, and freedom handed to me on a silver platter. But, the truth is, there is no silver platter. And hoping won’t get me out of the desert. Just as I have to climb the hills to get better and faster, I have to take action to move forward and receive the freedom God has waiting for me.

Again, freedom is a choice.

The question isn’t, “Can I do this?” the question is, “Will I do this?”


It is not easy to see that I am the one that keeps me captive. For the hills before me are scary and difficult to climb. So while I will hope that God makes a way for me through the desert landscape, I must begin the journey forward and begin the action of climbing, if I ever want to experience the descent.

I know this earth is not my home. However, while I am here I want to make the most of it. After all, there is a whole lot of life that I want to live with this family of mine. But, in order for these things to happen, I must first choose to climb the hills.

For, I don’t want a life of just bread and water.

I want the milk and honey.

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