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Snow Day Activity Box: Fun for Kids, Sanity for Mom!

Putting Together A Snow Day Activity Box Being that we’ve entered the month of November and the predictions for a snowier-than-usual winter are beginning to spill out from the mouths of moms around me, I decided I’d better get prepared. There’s nothing harder for me, as a stay-at-home mom than suddenly having two kids at […]

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Frustrated, Tired, and Hopefully A Glimpse of Grace

I think one of the biggest challenges I face, raising one child with special-needs and one without, is finding the right amount of balance between the two. I know often times, I’m way harder on the little one – because I know she’s capable. Born with an intelligence beyond mine and the amazing wit of […]

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My Littlest Damsel Fights!

My youngest is a fighter. She has been from the beginning, but accepting this personality trait hasn’t always come easy. After all, watching my little girl choose Power Rangers, Transformer Robobots, and playing with all boys on the playground over girls has caused this mom (at times) to stop and wonder, “where did I go […]

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