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Freedom Is A Choice Not A Privilege

I’m a grumbler. I didn’t realize it before it hit me square in the face today. Out riding, this overcast Friday morning with a friend, we found ourselves climbing over 1200 feet of hills. In this time, I found myself reflecting on past rides and recognizing how far I have come in just a years time. For in the […]

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Cycling: How I Am Fighting Anxiety and Depression

I have been stepping beyond my comfort zone lately. Cycling was never an activity I foresaw myself doing and yet it has become my main source of cardio. Speed walking bores me, running hurts my knees and swimming? Well, let’s just say I’m not in a hurry to put this body into a swim suit […]

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What’s The Point In Exercising? How A Mindset Can Make Or Break You

I have had a couple of minor break-downs recently that are opening my eyes to the reality that there’s more to exercising than the waistline. Though I find myself asking the question, all to often, “Whats the point in exercising?” The truth, I am finding, is disguised in the fear itself. How anxiety leads me […]

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Live for the Journey Not The Race

Last weekend my family and I chose to do something crazy fun! We signed up for the Glorun. A 3.1 mile race in the dark. Let me set the scene for the race. My husband, knowing this was an event I have been wanting to do with our kids, calls me Friday afternoon saying, “Hey! There’s a Glorun tonight. You in?” […]

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Why I Got Serious About Cycling

It was the week before my 15th wedding anniversary. Two days before, I starred at my calendar. Tears began to flow. What do we have in common? Do I even know him anymore? What does he want for our anniversary? We had already been through so much together and yet I still felt so much […]

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