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Freedom Is A Choice Not A Privilege

I’m a grumbler. I didn’t realize it before it hit me square in the face today. Out riding, this overcast Friday morning with a friend, we found ourselves climbing over 1200 feet of hills. In this time, I found myself reflecting on past rides and recognizing how far I have come in just a years time. For in the […]

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What’s The Point In Exercising? How A Mindset Can Make Or Break You

I have had a couple of minor break-downs recently that are opening my eyes to the reality that there’s more to exercising than the waistline. Though I find myself asking the question, all to often, “Whats the point in exercising?” The truth, I am finding, is disguised in the fear itself. How anxiety leads me […]

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Move Over Negative Voices

I think often times the most difficult thing about moving forward is getting past the negative voices inside my head. I hear them from time to time. They are anything but kind. For instance they will ask me questions like, “Why do you blog?” And then quickly respond, saying, “No one reads them anyways.” This is […]

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Replacing Happiness With Joy

This week I began working out again with my personal trainer. I cannot say that the thirty intense minutes that leave me unable to sit down easily, walk down stairs without grimacing, or rolling out of bed because my abs cannot fathom the idea of sitting up are the highlight of my week. But I have come to […]

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When Anger Motivates Me To Fight

If there is something I cannot stand, it is another telling me that something I desire is not possible. In those moments I find something inside rage and say, “I’ll show you otherwise.” Most of my life, this proved to be my mission. I was told there were those that were born with talents and […]

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