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Freedom Is A Choice Not A Privilege

I’m a grumbler. I didn’t realize it before it hit me square in the face today. Out riding, this overcast Friday morning with a friend, we found ourselves climbing over 1200 feet of hills. In this time, I found myself reflecting on past rides and recognizing how far I have come in just a years time. For in the […]

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Selfless Love: A Hard Lesson To Learn

There is nothing quite harder than seeing my own downfalls. And yet this is what I awoke to this past Sunday morning. The realization that my love is on reserve for me, myself, and I and that I have a long way to go in learning the act of loving selflessly. My love is more selfish […]

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When Fear Trumps Love Real People Get Hurt

I have been struggling lately with the idea of church. This is a new thing for me. After all, I grew up an integral part of the church, where Sunday mornings and evenings were a normal occurrence. And most Wednesday night services were just a part of our week. And yet, I now find myself unable to walk into a […]

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Changing America Starts With Us!

I have spent the last couple of weeks following both the Republican and Democratic Conventions. I have come to the decision, at this point, that either choice is a difficult one for changing America.  And so I have done some soul-searching and thought I would share that which I believe to be true for real change […]

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If Jesus Is Our Judge Maybe It’s Time We Get Off The Throne

We are a world void of Jesus. We have denied Him and crucified Him and now live asking where is He? At the last supper He reclined with His disciples – those he had lived with and loved. Those who were “in the world,” just as we are today. He knew, however, of their imperfectness […]

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