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About Me

I guess one could say I have lived the majority of my life working through my identity crisis.

Do I have your attention? Ha!

The truth is, RaisingSeedlings.com didn’t just happen. There have been many pieces and parts of my life that have come together to create this tapestry of a blog. The back story is pretty ugly, sad and heartbreaking. But, it has come together in a beautiful mosaic that I believe only God could orchestrate. To take a life – such as what I was living – and weave it into a place where I can be okay with and even love who I am as a being – despite my circumstances and surroundings is nothing short of a miracle.

The only identity I need is to know that I am a child of the One true God.

Through Him I have overcome a mental health crisis, that could have well taken my life. I have been able to come to grips with raising a child who may never graduate high school, and I have been able to accept that I am a creative spirit all the way to my core…and that it is okay that I am this way. For I was fearfully and wonderfully made. Through His love, I am learning how to love not only those around me, but myself as well. God’s word tells us to love others as we love ourselves. What I am realizing, maybe for the first time, is the truth that until we love ourselves – through His eyes – we are incapable of truly loving others.

And so here I am, no longer living an identity of unknown origin. But instead, fully knowing who I am and living out my life as a mom, wife, and creative handmade artist, loving God, others, and me.