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Gothic Halloween Invitations for Adults

Hey moms! Guess what? I have new Gothic Halloween Invitations that are now available in my Etsy shop. If you love gothic-inspired Halloween invites then you are sure to love these. Both styles were made to capture the black and white vintage look of old Halloween. Here are the two Gothic Halloween Invitation designs currently in my store! […]

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The Walls of Discipline

Discipline has never been something that I have seen in the realms of a positive light. For that matter, discipline – in my eyes – is a measure of punishment. I am learning, however, to see discipline under the scope of a new lens. One that shows me the life that is available within the walls […]

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Freedom Is A Choice Not A Privilege

I’m a grumbler. I didn’t realize it before it hit me square in the face today. Out riding, this overcast Friday morning with a friend, we found ourselves climbing over 1200 feet of hills. In this time, I found myself reflecting on past rides and recognizing how far I have come in just a years time. For in the […]

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