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Why Wholeness?

Women are the crown of God’s creation. We were created as a helper and given the ability to birth new life, to nurture, love and protect, all while bringing beauty to the world. We were made to bear the image of Christ.

Sadly, however, we have lost sight of the power we have through Jesus. Struck by Satan himself we, like Eve, have become deceived and in our deprived minds have lost sight of faith, grapple for control, and live life afraid. Hearing the whisper and believing it over the Word of God, we unknowingly cast ourselves and our families out of the place where peace and rest reside.

Our actions have power.

Ester, by contrast, (another woman of the Bible), lived a life of extreme faith. Laying her life on the line she followed the will of God and submitted to the Kings rule and authority. The result? An entire generation was saved from the Kings decree to kill her people. When I compare these two women, I’m in awe. For I realize the power and role we, as women, play in this life is powerful and scary all at the same time. For the enemy knows, if he can get to us and deceive us (as He did Eve) then He wins. For when we believe his lies over the God’s Word, we go into survival mode, take control, and build the walls that cast us from the garden of life.

But there’s hope.

For we see in the story of Ester that if we will submit to the rule and authority of our King (Jesus) that despite our fears, struggles and journey, there is life to be had.

For me, for years, I believed the lies. Afraid that God didn’t have mine or my families best interest in mind, I did all I could to control my world. I built up walls, proclaimed I was good and managed for years. In the midst, however, rest for my soul was stolen from me and life for my kids, husband, and I was a struggle.

But then God did something. He thrusted me into an unknown world, and here showed me that He was indeed dependable. He taught me, one day at a time, that through Him I could find life, rest, and hope for my soul. And more importantly that He, with my willingness to surrender, could breath life back into my home, my life, and my relationships.

Today, I’ve come to know personally the stories of both Eve and Ester. From believing the lies and living a life of fear to trusting God and finding rest, I’ve seen the power my life has had (for both the good and bad) on my family. The recognition of this drives me to share with women, help them to know the One who can be trusted, and hopefully help save another family from the destruction set against us. The enemy has made every effort possible to destroy that which God deemed good in my family and because of it, I – with God on my side – will battle with women as they seek wholeness and restoration through Jesus Christ – thus bringing life to them and theirs.

My journey has been one of body, mind, and spirit and it is my hope that through the Seeking Wholeness tab on the main menu, you will find encouragement and resources for your journey, as well as a partner to motivate you along the way! I’ll be updating it often so check back as you can and be sure to sign up in the side bar for email notifications of all new blog posts.


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