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Writing A Personal Mission Statement

This past winter, struggling to make sense of my life, my passions, my goals, and such, I heeded the advise of the author I was reading and put together my personal mission statement. Though it took me awhile and multiple revisions to make sure it encapsulated all of me, the end result was very rewarding. Often times, through conversations with those in my life, I find others, too, struggle with making sense of their life. I think this is especially hard for stay-at-home moms, as we seem so narrowly focused on the job-at-hand, raising our kids. I’ve learned, however, that we are happier when we have a sense of self. It seems, as kids, this sense of self was so easy to come by, but as wives, moms, and helpers we lose sight of those things that make us who we are. In an effort to help others find themselves, I thought it essential to provide a link to the Franklin Covey Personal Mission Statement Builder. I promise you’ll be glad you did this!

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